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Honda X-ADV off-road driving techniques course

New proposals for those with a HONDA X-ADV, the True Adventure Offroad Academy is offering officialHonda Motor Europe LTD courses supplying a Honda X-ADV from the school or you can take part in the course using your own motorbike.
Of the dates in the 2021 course calendar, we have created some slots for you with specific driving techniques for this kind of motorbike.
In the “X-ADV Honda off-road driving techniques” course, we aim to have you engage in exciting off-road driving adventures. We look forward to seeing you!

Honda X-ADV interesting facts and information

Nella lunga storia di Honda, costellata di pietre miliari dal punto di vista ingegneristico e del design, un elemento è sempre stato costante: la sfrenata passione per l’innovazione e il desiderio di stupire. È successo anche con X-ADV: un concetto di veicolo completamente nuovo, immediatamente definito “il primo SUV a due ruote”.

Mr Kenichi Misaki, Large Project Leader (LPL) X-ADV

“The concept at the root of the X-ADV’s creation was simple:“Fun!” We were looking to create a motorbike that could convey its natural adventurous spirit. We also knew that it would need to be genuinely practical for everyday transfers and with all the features that make a motorcyclist’s life easier. Lastly, at the week-ends, it had to be able to convert into the ideal motorbike for evading everyday routine. All this with a new, exclusive, captivating style.”