True Adventure Offroad Academy Instructors

Marcello Romano

Certified F.M.I. instructor and technical/teaching Head as well as founder

It all began on my sixth birthday when my father, a great off-road lover, gave me a “Cimatti minicross”; from then on, it was a succession of minicross motorbikes and competitions up to the age of 14 when, with an “accossato 80”, former Trolli, I started my first regular races, together with outings with “Copelli Moto” drivers in Piacenza.

At sixteen, my first 125 KTM, with which I contended in the enduro provincial championships and cadets regional championship. Keep reading

Team True Adventure Offroad Academy

Here is a list of all the instructors with relative information.

Luca Ponchia

Certified F.M.I. instructor and teaching activities coordinator

Carlo Morini

Off-road driving instructor and head of maintenance in the technical areas

Alessandro Bottani

Certified F.M.I. instructor and head of theory/physical teaching activities

Enrico Proietti

Off-road driving instructor and head of vehicles and motorbikes

Enrico Zilli

Off-road driving instructor and driver