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Off-road driving technique courses with Honda CB500x, CRF300L and CRF300 Rally

Il nuovo corso di guida in fuoristrada MULTILIVELLO porta grandissime novità per chi è un UNDER 25. Honda Motor Europe vi mette a disposizione la nuova CB500X e le già affermate CRF300L e CRF300 Rally ad un prezzo riservato. The new MULTI-LEVEL off-road driving course has loads of new features for the UNDER-25s. Honda Motor Europe will provide the new CB500X and the already acclaimed CRF250L and CRF250 Rally at an exclusive price.

With True Adventure Offroad Academy’s off-road driving technique course, we aim to have you taking part in new adventures, opening up to both techniques and fun. You will find all our course dates in the 2019 calendar together with available information. We look forward to seeing you. We look forward to seeing you.

Interesting facts and information about the new Honda CB500X

The only genuine crossover with full power (35 kW, 48 HP) for A2 licence holders improves its off-road attitude with a new exciting adventure style, better aero-dynamical protection, improved excursion suspension, 19″ front wheels and raised tapered handlebars. The bold parallel dual-cylinder motorbike offers improved torque and power at low and average speeds and is now fitted with assisted slip clutch.

2018 CB500X

The new LCD instrument display and negative back lighting and the Full-LED lights including the indicators, complete the updates that transform the CB500X 2019 into a premium model.

Spoilt for choice with the new UNDER-25 MULTI-LEVEL course

The three models provided by our academy:

Honda CRF300 Rally

Honda CRF300L

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